Our Story

One idea, Two people, Three products - 100% Natural

It seems crazy that you moisturise your skin everyday to keep it healthy but the moisturiser you are using may contain chemicals that do more harm than good. We found this out watching the Channel 4 documentary ‘How toxic are you?’ in 2010, which exposed the shocking number of toxic ingredients contained in our day to day health and beauty products.

Concerned by what we saw we checked the labels of all the products in our bathroom. It was true! Many of our beauty products are packed full of hazardous ingredients even some that claim to be natural.

Wanting to make a change, after all -what goes on your body goes in your body – the idea of Pure Body Butters was born. We researched naturally sourced ingredients and mixed different combinations to create a range of nourishing natural moisturisers.

Pure Body Butters launched in 2012. Our range of handmade body butters are designed to give you peace of mind when moisturising your skin. You can be confident that none of our products contain artificial, synthetic or toxic ingredients. They are paraben free and have not been tested on animals.

Pure Body Butters fully complies with the cosmetic regulations and its amendments, for further details click here

Make a change, like we did, to how you treat your body with Pure Body Butters.

Darren & Amie
Pure Body Butters