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Customer Review
Karen, Hampshire - Customer Review

“Recently our daughter had a really bad flare up of dermatitis on the backs of her knees. After numerous appointments to the doctors and using the various lotions and potions from them, which weren’t working and some even made her skin worse; I came across your website. We purchased the Shea Body Butter after reading a review from a lady who had used it on her child for the same reasons. We now call it our little pot of magic. It was fantastic, after using for only a few days the whole affected area was clear and all back to normal! We will continue to use this for her, it is an amazing product. Thank you so much for making my little girl smile again!!”

Yours Chloe blog review
Yours Chloe - Blog

“Ultimately I've been thoroughly impressed by this product and it's most definitely taken on the role of a daily treat to my skin. A wonderful body butter is a complete staple in any beauty routine during the winter months and this ticks all of the boxes”
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Confessions of a nagging mother - Blog review
Confessions of a nagging mother - Blog

“Overall, the Pure Body Butters Shea Butter & Apricot Oil Daily Moisturiser is a fab product and essential if you suffer from dry skin and a 24g tub will last longer than it looks.”
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Everything Beauty Cool - Blog review
Everything Beauty Cool - Blog

“I recommend this product to everyone because it is a moisturiser that works. And for £4 I think this product is worth it so do check it.”
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Pretty Big Butterflies blog review
Pretty Big Butterflies - Blog

“Every time I use this pure body butter I feel like I am treating my skin and giving it the quality it deserves at a great price.
100% Recommended!”
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Customer Review
Valerie, Lancashire - Customer Review

“I cannot believe the relief I have gained from your product. I was given topical steroidal cream and prescribed moisturiser as treatment for dermatitis/eczema affecting my hands, waist and upper abdomen.
My hands were itchy, blood red and painful when immersed in warm water. None of the treatments had an effect lasting for more than half an hour. I had seen one of your product reviews online, and thought I would try it out of desperation.
Oh, what a relief!! I applied the butter to my hands, and immediate relief was given. Within 48hrs it had gone completely. Thank you so much.”

Bonafide Supernova blog review
Bonafide Supernova - Blog

“The best thing about the Cocoa Butter & Apricot Oil is its hydrating and nourishing qualities... It’s the perfect size to put in your bag and use on the go.
With all this winter weather approaching, this little pot of wonder is the best thing to have with you.”
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Customer Review
Rose, London - Customer Review

“I love it and it smells great!”

She might be loved blog review
She Might Be Loved - Blog

“Unbelievably moisturising and in really handy containers, which makes them very portable.”
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Customer Review
Rachel, Aberdeen- Customer Review

“Addicted to your Shea Butter with Apricot Oil. Feels fantastic and has worked wonders on itchy and irritated skin.
Medicated creams failed to work at all so thank you!”

Mum & That blog review
Mum & That - Blog

“I used the Shea Butter & Apricot Oil on my poor dry skin, particularly my hands and lips, and it certainly helps to soften them up a treat.”
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Sugarpuffish blog review
SugarpufFish - Blog

“Small but perfectly formed...
If you want a simple natural product for dry skin I am happy to point you in the direction of Pure Body Butters.”
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Beauty Magazine Review
Beauty Magazine

"Pure Body Butters has a subtle fragrance and creamy texture that makes it very soothing and comforting to apply without being sticky."
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